• The confused flour beetle is 3-4 mm in length, the larvae are about 6 mm long.
  • The adult is red-brown in color and the larvae are a light honey color and about.
  • It resembles the rust-red flour beetle, except for the antennae which is four segmented and gradually thickens towards the tip – another slight difference is in the shape of the thorax.
  • The sides of the rust-red flour beetle are curved, whereas the thorax of the confused flour beetle is straighter. It has well developed wings but seldom flies.


  • About 20 days at 35°C, 45 days at 25°C. Adults may live for up to 6 months.


  • Feeds off grain, flour, and other cereal products, beans, cacao, cottonseed, shelled nuts, dried fruit, dried vegetables, drugs, spices, chocolate, dried milk and animal hides.
  • They cannot feed on whole grain, but can feed on broken kernels that are usually present.